A Word about Us

We are a small group of like-minded people formed into a Trust called “SERVE ALL IN NEED TRUST” and registered it in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. (Regd. No. 63/2004).

The Trust has 5 members and they are all very actively involved in the activities of the trust. There are Supporters, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Helpers who keep helping us in carrying out all the works of the trust.

It is a great privilege to serve the very poor and needy in the villages in and around Hyderabad. We have started the work in the year 2004 in a very small way and we have to go a very long way to do more for all those poor and needy who are living around us.

Most of the people we are dealing with are of from poor and very poor background and only few of them are from middle class background. Therefore, whenever we come across needy ones, we try to help them. The help can be in any form, as per the needs of the people: medical, education, daily needs, mites, money etc.

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