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CMC e’News

e’News – Carmichael Center – August – 2015

IMG_2688Respected and Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
By the grace of God, we are doing well and sure to hear the same from you all. Thanks for your prayers and support for us and our work for our Lord.
Like to share with you some of the things we could do for the Lord and the people thru Carmichael Center. Kindly go thru this and pray for this very small work for our Lord and the needy who are also His’.

IMG_2548New Program:
We have decided to involve all the people in conducting the Praise & Worship Service at CMC (who are interested and who has got a call to serve our Lord). Miss.Anusha; Miss.Rita & Miss.Sunandhini have done this on 3 Sundays. There are many more interested in getting involved in the ministry and we are very happy about this. In the coming Sundays all will be given a chance to get involved in the ministry of our Lord. Please pray for them. IMG_2729

Mr.G.Prabhagar who is a business man and also training the younger generation in technical fields, is a good believer. He hails from a priestly family. He used to share his experiences and testimony to many whenever he gets a chance. This is the first time, he shared his testimony on 23rd during the CMC Service. People were really inspired by him and also what he shared. The Lord has a great and wonderful plan for him. Please pray for the ministry the Lord is going to entrust with him. Please also remember his wife and his children – a son and daughter in your prayers.

IMG_2701The Lord helped to reach-out THRU U:
One family gave one PC, one Laptop, one Audio System, one Water Purifier, two suit cases and few more other items. We gave them all to some of the needy. We sincerely thank the family for all that they donated.
One family have brought and left with us lots of old clothes and it will be distributed within 10 days time as we need to see all, organize and then distribute them to the needy.
One girl gave a old but good mobile phone and it was given to another person in need.
One family gave 2 new mixer grinders and we gave them to two ladies who are in need of
them. One lady gave 1 old mixer grinder and we gave it to another. We have also given money to 6 people for medical check-up; treatment and medicines. We are thankful to the sponsors.

Springs in the Desert Ministries at CMC:
Pre-Marital Counseling Meeting
It was done by “Springs in the Desert Ministries” on 18th July 2015 at Carmichael Center. About 40 people attended the meetings. It was a great blessing to us and also all those who attended. It was nice to see the youngsters – Mr.Joel Hamilton, Mr.Brian Derek Michael and Mr.Johnson Louis speaking to the people.
IMG_2575Gateway to Freedom:
An ‘Inner Healing & Deliverance’ retreat was held in Carmichael Center on 14th & 15th
August with the topics: Body, Soul & Spirit; Blessings & Curses; Generational Iniquity; Emotional Healing and Root of Rejection/Anger. As there were so many programs on 14th & 15th due to Independence Day celebrations, less number of people attended but it was a great blessing to all who attended and all who arranged. I could personally see again the Lord speaking to people and changing their lives.
Students Support:
We keep getting more and more students with a request to help them in their studies. We
are not able to help all, but we selected the poorest and started helping. Two more students
came to us last week and we promised to help them from September.
Support to Old/Widows/Poor:
We have raised our support from Rs.200/- to Rs.250/- per month and now we are supporting 26 people. We will raise the number when we get more sponsors and support.

Fellowship Meet of the Beneficiaries:
On Saturday the 8th August we called all the beneficiaries who are in our list and also several
more people for a fellowship meet. Most of the invitees, about 60 plus, attended and
Mr.T.Stephen shared with them the Word of God. We had a fellowship lunch, sponsored by a sister. It was a wonderful time of meeting and sharing.
Gospel Tour:
We are thankful to Mr.Augustine of Viswa Vani for making all the arrangements for our gospel tour. On 21th evening, we will start by Visaka Express and return on 26th morning. We are going to Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Mr.Augustine is making the program and also all the arrangements. There are 26 people who have given their names and we request you to pray for us and this ministry. The total expenditure would be from Rs.70000/- to Rs.100000/-. Most of the people have promised to pay their contribution but for few who can’t pay, we will take care of them. Already we have received some contribution towards this and are sure that we will have wonderful time working for the Lord.

We are thankful to each one of you for your continuous patronage and praise the Lord for you and your families. We continue to remember you and your family in our prayers. Kindly feel free to send back your feedback so that we can improve ourselves and serve you better. Please
do remember us and our very small work for the Lord in your prayers. If you want to help us thru your mite, you are welcome. We accept anything old or new which can be given to someone in need. If you want to support us with your money, the bank details are given below. We appreciate you to support us reach the poor and needy who are our own.

Thanking you.
with love and prayers,
S.M.Jothi Raj

Bank Details:
 Name: R.Selva Mohan Jothi Raj
 Bank: State Bank of Hyderabad - Branch: Defence Colony
 Branch Code: 021325 - Account Type: Savings
 Account Number: 62286145370
 IFSC - SBHY0021325