Our Vision

Future Programs/Projects:

Free Vocational Training Center for the Youth:
There are many youth who are roaming without any work, aim and waste their time, talents and money. We want to have a Free Vocational Training Center for such people so that they can learn something and stand on their own leg for a living. The training will be for Driving, Carpentry, Basic Computers, Music, Electrical, etc. It is another means to attract the youth and put them on the right track.

Home for the Aged & Parentless:
We want to have a home for the aged and Parentless Children in one place as the old and young can live together as families. There are several homes for aged and orphans separately but not as one with this concept. We want to try this as we feel it will help building up new families of unwanted old and young.

Counseling Center and Counselors Training Center:
We want to have a regular counseling center and counselors training center.  We come across lot of broken families, families on the verge of breaking, families living under one roof but as aliens and younger generations with lot of problems and addiction etc.  Through this ministry, we want to help the people who have problems and difficulties and we also want to train the people who are in the ministry so that they can in their own areas, help many.

Community Based Projects:
In the future, we want to enlarge and extend our work to the rural areas and also remote villages with Community Based Projects as per the need of the most of the poor and needy people.

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