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In our ministry experiences during these years of service, we find that due to the invasion of technology, the world is becoming small, day by day, and all the cultures of different countries are being mixed up.  The result is chaos everywhere.  Instead of learning all the good things available in all cultures, we humans are tend to learn the bad.  Because of these happenings, the ministry of the Churches, Organizations, Groups and Individuals are becoming heavier everyday.  To some extend, the mechanisms we have are either inadequate or out of date to deal with the present day situation.  We have prayerfully considered this and decided to have the following projects to narrow the gap.  We know what we can do is just a drop in the ocean, but it is better than nothing is.  We are also sure that in the days to come, as there are many who are aware of these happenings and are of the same vision, there will be more and more to fill this gap

These are the programs and projects we have now:

This is the first and foremost program we want to have.  We all know that Christ is the answer for all these problems, difficulties, chaos.  We want to continue this work and we want to have many more workers so that we can do much more for the Lord and His people.

Prayer Groups:
Prayer is the most important thing we need to have, but we always forget to do this. It is to encourage the people to have regular prayers and teach them the value of prayers we organize prayer groups in many areas. Once they taste the power and importance of prayer, they will continue the same without our help.

We also do have Prayer Groups of Women, meeting in the Carmichael Center on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3.30 p.m.

Regular Services:
We have regular evening services on all Sundays in the Carmichael Center. It is in Tamil and we are planning to have regular morning English Service, concentrating on youths living in this and surrounding areas.

Sunday School Ministry:
We have Sunday School in Carmichael Center. We have few regular volunteers who come and help us once a while, apart from a regular paid teacher.

Visits and Counseling:
We make it a point to visit at least one family per day to spend time with them in sharing the Word of God, leading them to the Lord, spending time in prayers and counseling them, if they have any problems.  

Support to the Poor and Needy Students:
The school drop out ratio in our area is high. One of the reasons for this is being poor and very poor.  We want to support as many children as possible so that some poor children who are our own can at least finish their schooling.

At the beginning of the Academic year, we provide uniforms, stationeries, textbooks, dresses, pay their admission fees etc. to many students.

We support few students for their regular studies by paying their monthly fees and taking care of their needs.

We do have another “Free Tuition Center” for the 10th Class students who appear for their government exams. For this, we have two teachers working. We also invite other subject and special teachers to equip them for their exams.

We are helping students doing SSC in schools in few villages here. If they get above 65% and 55% in their annual exams conducted by the government, they are paid cash awards which can help them pay their fees for higher studies. If we come across very poor students who are interested in further studies but have no means, we try to help them with more financial and other assistance.

We keep conducting 2 orientation programs every Academic year for the SSC Students. It showed very good results and many students are benefitted in their studies, results, and future plans etc.

Helping the Uncared and Rejected Old People:
We are helping few old people who are not taken care by their kith and kin due to various reasons like poverty etc. We pay them a small amount and buy some provisions for them in monthly basis.

Free Distribution of New and Old but usable clothes; things etc.: There are many who help us in providing clothes, dress materials, stitched materials, old but usable materials, and other things for distribution among poor and very poor people.  We go to the areas, houses for this work and sometimes, call them to a common place for this purpose. 

Free Medical Camps:
We conduct Free Medical Camps
with the help of some groups/organizations/doctors etc. and help many of the poor people who do not care about their health due to carelessness/poverty and other reason.

Fellowship Meal to the Poor and very Poor People:
Once a year, we gather poor beggars and provide them a fellowship meal to them. It is not just giving them a meal, leave them for begging but try to spot some of them for rehabilitation and provide means for earning and living a decent life. Such selected candidates will be referred to a Home for Street Children for free technical training to be placed in decent and respectable jobs.


  • We also keep supporting few students doing their graduation etc.

  • If there is any specific need in any family that they are not able to do it themselves, we try to help them, after getting a request from them and then verification. We keep helping several doing their studies, many in their family problems and difficulties.

  • We also help selected poor for their medical needs like buying medicines, hospital expenses, operation etc.

  • We also help few Orphanages, Blind people through Organizations working for them, Mentally Retarded people through Organizations working for them etc.

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