Rev.R.Selva Mohan Jothi Raj:


Dearly Beloved,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord.
I am very happy to share with you how I got involved in this work through Serve All In Need Trust.

I am an ordained minister, was working in the Churches in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Later with a strong burden to help the poor and very poor who do not live a normal and decent life like any of us, started working among them in and around Hyderabad. These people need a helping hand to make them live a decent and normal life any of us.

I was born and brought up in a Christian family, in a village in Tamil Nadu, another southern state in India. My father is the second convert in our family and his father, i.e., my grand father was a temple priest who had his own small temple in the village, and my mother was from a Christian family. My father too was an Evangelist who did lot of work in and around our native place.

It is not fair to mention not all about my past life as it is worthless. In the year 1974, I came to know the Lord and received Him into my life as Savior and Lord. Within two months, He called me for ministry and in the beginning, I was hesitant to accept His call due to the family situation but He made me commit myself later. The same year, I went to a Bible collage for my theological studies and did my studies there. In the year 1978, after my graduation, I came to Hyderabad, as according to His clear guidance and became a pastor in one of the big denominations in South India, i.e., Church of South India that is commonly called CSI.

I worked in the Churches here in Hyderabad for 19 years. Again, the Lord gave me clear direction to go to my native place, leaving the Church Work and do social work and village evangelism. I was in charge for a newly started ‘home for the aged ladies’. It was at this time I was working in a Bible collage as an honorary teaching staff for two years. I was there in my native for 5 years, then came back to Hyderabad, and worked for another newly started organization as its social worker & counselor for 2 years. From January 2004, we are on our own and started this work in the month of June 2004. It is purely faith ministry.

I was married in the year 1980 and my wife Jancy Rani is a retired head mistress in a high school in one of the villages here in Hyderabad. She is with me in the ministry all through. Now she is more active than I am in visiting and meeting women in the villages to spend time in Prayer, Bible Study and Counseling. There is good response among the women through her ministry.

We have no children, but a girl Reshmi who was my student in the Bible collage I was teaching, was with us for four years and is in the full time ministry. She is married to Mr.T.Stephen who is also in the full time ministry. They are in a nearby place and blessed with a girl Janoah Reena and a boy Manoah Jothi Raj. They are also running a small orphanage with 10 children in it.

Every day is a miracle being a faith minister. All these years I was a paid worker and we never used to think or worry about our financial needs. This Faith Ministry made us to put our complete trust in the Lord and it is a wonderful experience. He provides and takes care of the work, He has entrusted to us. We have nothing to worry and nothing to boast. He is to be praised.

We need your valuable prayer support for our small work for the Lord.

If you are interested to know more about our very small work for the Lord and the people, please do contact us and we are always available to help you know more.  Love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting our site.

with love and prayers,
s.m.jothi raj

Mrs.N.S.Jancy Rani:


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Warm Christian Greetings to  you.

I was born and brought up in a very good Christian family.  My Parents were nominal and ritual Christians in the beginning but later they committed their lives to the Lord.  My father started a small Ministry Group in the name of “Tuticorin Gospel Service” which is still working for the Lord in the region.  They brought us in a good Christian atmosphere and helped us commit our lives to the Lord. What I am to-day is because of my Parents.

I am with my husband all through in helping him in the ministry.  Nevertheless, few years back, we organized a Gospel meeting and the ‘Tuticorin Gospel Service’ team was with us with a great man of God as a preacher.  It was during this time I received a call for a specific ministry and I committed my life to the Lord and His work.

I am going to the nearby villages daily to meet the women and spend time with them in prayer, Bible study, fellowship, counseling etc.  The response among the women, both Christians and Non-Christians are very good.

Kindly remember us in your prayers that we may be able to do more for the Lord in the coming days.

Thanks a lot,
Your Sister in His Service,
N.S.Jancy Rani

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